Voice of Customer

Businesses offering products or services to customers strive to get customer feedback to enable their departments, from Product Development to Service Improvement to Marketing and Branding, in making customer centric choices. However, the traditional ways of gathering feedback (surveys, focus groups) are fast getting outdated and overrated. It is limited to what you ask and who you ask and can get expensive real fast.

Your customers talk a lot. From reviewing your products online, to sharing socially, to evangelizing on blogs or calling Support, the conversations are all adding up. It is time to now listen in.

CoreCompete’s MYVOC, a Voice of Customer Solution powered by SAS, is a fully automated, cloud based sentiment analysis and visualization solution that helps you listen in to all the online conversations about and around you, and convert them into organic and meaningful insights around your:

MYVOC helps you answer strategic questions such as:

  • How do I leverage my customers’ like and dislikes to improve my new product development plans?
  • How can I predict quality issues with my products to prevent expensive recalls and preserve brand image?
  • How can I leverage online social chatter of my customers about my brand and competitors brands to gain real time competitive intelligence?
  • Are my marketing initiatives generating the right customer sentiment? How can I curate my marketing messages to strike the right chords with my customers?
  • How can I quickly gauge if my customers are feeling dissatisfied with my service and win them back before they attrite?

The power of MYVOC lies in the underlying SAS Text Analytics capabilities, highly customizable and enterprise grade visualization capabilities and the ability to leverage cloud to tame big data in an elastic manner and generate the actionable insights you need for your business, at the scale and pace that works best for you.

About MYVOC Solution


Data Foundation

MYVOC can take in all the structured and unstructured data that you need in a contiguous manner. It can plug into any database and scale up irrespective of the data type, language or size. Once we set it up, it just runs behind the scenes, continuously powering up those insights.

Deep Sentiment Analysis from SAS Sentiment Analysis

MYVOC is powered by SAS Sentiment Analysis suite which is a nimble analytic engine that analyzes all the customer data and identifies customer sentiments at extremely granular product feature levels along with discovering the key themes associated with them. The solution comes with domain specific taxonomies that capture the finer variations in how your customers talk about your business.

Interactive and Customizable Visualizations on SAS Visual Analytics

All the building blocks, the features, sentiments, and themes, are brought together in the form of interactive and self-serving reports leveraging the power of SAS Visual Analytics. MYVOC comes with a number of pre-built dashboards and ad hoc data exploration capabilities that are fully customizable and can be tailored to resolve your business problems in a manner that works best with your organization.


MYVOC is a fully automated solution. Once set-up, it frees up your time and expenses from all those expensive surveys, focus group studies, and audits so that you can invest them in more productive tasks. Fueled by big data, powered by a custom fitted analytic engine and presented in a customized manner, MYVOC leverages the power of cloud and parallel processing to accelerate as and when needed.

Agile Deployment

MYVOC can be deployed on the premise of your choice, cloud or otherwise, so that you can be up and running in less than 8 weeks. Following on CoreCompete’s established Agile Analytics principles, the deployment typically comes with a bundle of the software and associated services.


To know more about the solution, email us at VOC@corecompete.com

Key differentiators

Established Use Cases

MYVOC can virtually adapt to any business problem which deals with text data. Some of the established use cases so far are for teams with following responsibilities:
  • Product Management
    Ace your New Product Development and Innovation cycles by getting powerful information on what your customers like, dislike, want and need.
  • Product Quality
    Minimize expensive recalls and warranty claims by acting upon automatically generated and statistically significant alerts about technical issues, before they snowball any further.
  • Service Quality
    Tap into the emotional reactions expressed by your customers about your services or facilities to identify and fill gaps and minimize attrition.
  • Customer Experience Management
    Get a full circle view of your customer’s journey with your full suite of offerings, the challenges and the delights they face from initial awareness to continued engagement.
  • Marketing
    Evaluate real time how your customers react to your marketing assets to understand the emotional ROI coming your way, make critical adjustments when needed and plan subsequent campaigns with more effective content.
  • Brand Management
    Get a real time picture of what customers are saying about your brand or your competitors, and what is driving all the buzz and the emotions, down to extremely granular attributes. Compare your brand attributes to competition and identify your golden eggs to nurture and opportunities to tap into to stay ahead of competition.
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