SAS Deployments

Companies looking to create immediate business impact from their SAS Analytics Platform investment need to ensure proper deployment, data and technology integration of the SAS solutions to enable optimal experience for their analytics organizations.

At the time of SAS Analytics Platform deployment, organizations are faced with these questions:

  • What analytics software modules to purchase for your needs?
  • How to get up and running quickly and maintain a smooth operation with minimum costs?
  • How to ensure seamless integration with your existing data sources and optimize performance?
  • How to complement your team with expert advice and augment capacity to get projects done?

Who We Are

We are the largest independent SAS Consulting organization in the world with over 300 years of end-to-end experience in using SAS technologies and solutions to drive business value. Our skill-sets in complementary technologies such as cloud (AWS, Azure) and Hadoop allow us to deliver greater value by optimizing the value of SAS in the context of modern cloud and big data architectures.

Our approach takes into account organization’s business requirements, data, analytics, people, process, and technology readiness to come up with a right sized solution. We combine our decades of experience in working with SAS technologies, enterprise and cloud deployment models, and a deep understanding of analytical and data management processes, to accelerate your organization’s ability to create business value, while eliminating technology challenges.

CoreCompete Difference

Accelerate the business value of Advanced Analytics using SAS Technologies & Solutions

CoreCompete has partnered with SAS customers in US, UK, EU, Middle-East and APAC to successfully deliver the value of SAS for their organizations in an agile manner. We have successfully worked on client engagements including

Proving the value of advanced analytics such as simulation, forecasting and optimization in specific business contexts
Development of roadmaps for data management, business intelligence and analytics
Organizational design and governance for customer loyalty management programs
Deployment of advanced SAS technologies including GRID Manager, GRID Manager for Hadoop, SAS Customer Intelligence Solution and distributed SAS Visual Analytics Platform
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